Have an old dresser that is looking a little dull? Spicing it up is easy! Often a little paint will do the trick, but if you are looking to take it to the next level, try changing the drawer knobs with glamorous glass knobs.

Not all DIY projects have to take a lot of your times. This article will show you one way to vamp up an ordinary dresser with just glass knobs. Even if you are not a big fan of doing things yourself, you will love this venture. Since it is extremely straightforward and will at last extra you a lot of trade out the occasion that you are on a budgetary arrangement. The DIY wanders have a reliable rule, that is one layer of paint and glass handles change into a whole makeover.The knobs we will be using look like this:


Glass knobs, drill machine, screw driver, nuts and bolts.

If you just follow these steps, you will complete this project within a few hours! Trust me!

Stage 1: Drill your current openings again for a smooth last change.

Stage 2: Before setting up the new glass knobs, fill any gaps left by with wood putty, and paint that region.

 Stage 3: Attach the new glass knobs with screws and use a screw driver to do that.

Few tips to keep in mind:

• Always purchase additional, be it handles or screws. It will prove to be useful later on.

 • Buy the glass handles which you feel will be agreeable to utilize.

 • The measure matters here, so you have to comprehend, in the event that you require greater or littler handles previously purchasing a group of them.

 • Make beyond any doubt to hold up after you give e first layer of paint. On the off chance that you might want your cupboards to fly up, a moment coat can carry out the activity.

Keep it organized!

Some more tips for you to organize your dressers.

1. Begin with empty drawers

2. Clean up your dresser

3. Gathering items by category.

4. Try not to fold bulky items

5. Utilize organizers to separate small items

6. Keep the top of the dresser neat too

7. Use extra drawer space

10. Invent your own style to do it quickly.