Curio Cabinet

Curio Cabinet Makeover

‘Curio cabinet’ may infer something fusty and outdated. In any case, of late we have been beginning to see increasingly of these in sharp, present day homes. They are additionally an extraordinary method to contain a ton of things without looking muddled.

These cabinets enable you to show your collectibles and keepsakes behind the wellbeing of glass entryways. In the event that you have small sprouting mountain climbers or live in a zone inclined to seismic tremors, notwithstanding, you require an additional layer of security to keep your loved things – and your friends and family – safe from a toppling cabinet. This is a household item, which you will discover in each family room.

Make your home a flexible one by changing the one thing that will not take a considerable measure of your chance. On the off chance that you are a man with moderation then you realize that, your furniture assumes an imperative part in getting this going. A solitary thing can have an immense effect in the entire climate of a home.

The old doorknobs with the glass knobs. You do not need to be a specialist in furniture change. All you require is some readiness to take a stab at something new.

The picture of the glass knobs used in this project is given below –

What do we need?

Well, to do this project, we will need a few items, which will be in your home. All you need to buy are some glass knobs of your choice. The materials are-

  1. Some screws
  2. One Power Drill
  3. Glass knobs
  4. Sand paper

The cabinet looks like this:

Get started

In the event that this is your first time, do not freeze. In the event that you take after these guidelines, you will be okay.

 1.           Removing the doorknobs is the initial step. This is the initial step. Initially, attempt to expel the screws, which is holding the handle. The screws will be situated on the inside piece of the entryway.

 2.           If your doorknob has screws on the cover plates, evacuate those to release the old handle. On the off chance that it is not there, search for a little metal plate, attempt to turn it free, at that point the doorknob will be slacken up.

 3.           Use a drill to loosen the screw underneath the plate of the handle.

 4.           Depending on the style of your entryway, you should alter the backset, the partition between the edge of the gateway and the point of convergence of the doorknob.

 5.           Reverse the past advances, which you took after to evacuate the handles now to introduce the new ones. Ensure the openings of the old handles coordinate your new glass knobs.

 6.           If they do not coordinate, you may need to put some wood putty to make it littler or bore bigger openings.

 7.           Screw the new handles setting the screws by hand at first and afterward fixing them with a power bore. Set the doorknobs set up set the screws by hand, and after that fix.

 8.           Try out the new knobs to ensure it is not free, and can turn appropriately.

 Hopefully, this article gives you enough insight to do your furniture makeover by yourself.