Chest of Drawers Makeover

Chest of Drawers Makeover

Changing a furniture’s color and its knobs are one of the common ways to give your old furniture a new look. This article will focus on changing your old chest of drawers to a completely new chest of drawer. For that, we will only use chalk paint and some glass crystal knobs.

What is Chalk paint? Chalk Paint is a flexible, enhancing paint that enables you to make numerous paint systems, for example, lime- wash and distressing. In addition, it is also eco-friendly and scentless. Chalk paint is a modern painting, which gives furniture a matte finish look and I think everybody now a days wants that.

Let’s get on to painting and then replacing the old knobs to glass knobs.

Chalk Paint- A step by step guide:

1. Choose a chalk paint of your choice. Since you don’t have to put primer before so you can just start right away. So, begin at the base. Since the top of your dresser will get the most consideration, you’ll need that to look consummate, so leave that for last.

2. Keep your brush wet and continue painting from side to side. Chalk paint dries fast, to a great degree snappy. So you have to work quickly.

3. In the occasion that you are painting something white or grayish over a dull piece, you will apparently require three coats for solid extension. In any case, since the paint dries genuinely quickly, you don’t have a long hold up amidst coats. If you require your piece more resentful, you may be peppy after only two coats. Darker shades have unfathomable extension and rarely require more than two coats.

4. Your piece WILL look horrendous after the essential coat. Have certainty and proceed forward. The second and third coats will go on more effortlessly if you incorporate a minor bit of water to your paint. (I commonly ignore.) So if you watch the subsequent coats to be fairly thick, incorporate a little water.

5. Sand decisively! Your surface will feel disagreeable to the touch in the wake of painting with chalk paint. So make sure to sand it before applying your wax. Some need to do it in the wake of waxing anyway choice is yours.

6. Time to wax. The wax will bond with the paint to influence a trustworthy solid wrap to up. It will create and enhance the shade of your paint, anyway it won’t change the shading. Wax takes 21 days to totally cure, so use your furniture piece with mind until by then.

 These are the glass knobs we will be using.

Few chalk painting tips to make you go pro:

1. You don’t need any primer to start painting. So just, start doing it. It will save you a lot of time.

2. You don’t need to be perfect with every stroke, it is supposed to be a crisscross painting process.

3. Make sure to buy enough amount although chalk paint is very expensive but you need to keep them stored otherwise if you are out of it, it will be difficult to match the color.

4. The most troublesome piece of this procedure is, by a wide margin, waxing. There is no “simple” approach to do it and it is a stage you would not want to skip.

5. Keep variety of brushes. Because, it is a water-based-medium. So using the brushes fit for this kind of medium is advised.

Knobs Replacement: On the off chance that you simply take after these means, you will finish this venture inside a couple of hours! Trust me!

Stage 1: Drill your current gaps again for a smooth last change.

Stage 2: Before setting up your new handles, fill any openings left by old equipment with wood putty, and paint that territory.

Stage 3: Attach the new glass handles with screws.