Changing the look of your dresser

Changing the look of your dresser

The trick of changing the look of your room is to change just one furniture or upcycle the furniture. In this article, we will talk about giving a makeover to our old dresser. Spicing it up is easy! Often a little paint will do the trick, but if you are looking to take it to the next level, try changing the drawer knobs with glamorous glass knobs.

This article will demonstrate you one approach to vamp up a normal dresser with simply glass handles. Regardless of whether you are not a major aficionado of doing things yourself, you will love this wander. Since it is to a great degree clear and will finally additional you a ton of exchange out the event that you are on a budgetary game plan. The DIY meanders have a solid run, that is one layer of paint and glass handles change into an entire makeover.1. Begin at the base. Since the top of your dresser will get the most consideration, you’ll need that to look consummate, so leave that for last.

2. On a level surface, attempt to go from side to side without ceasing, continually keeping a wet edge. Chalk paint dries quick, extremely quick. So you need to work rapidly.

3. In the event that you are painting something white or grayish over a dull piece, you will presumably require three coats for strong scope. But since the paint dries truly rapidly, you don’t have a long hold up in the middle of coats. In the event that you need your piece more upset, you might be upbeat after just two coats. Darker hues have incredible scope and infrequently require in excess of two coats.

4. Your piece WILL look horrible after the primary coat. Have confidence and continue onward. The second and third coats will go on more easily on the off chance that you include a minor piece of water to your paint. (I typically overlook.) So on the off chance that you observe the resulting coats to be somewhat thick, include a little water.

5. Sand precisely! Your surface will feel unpleasant to the touch in the wake of painting with chalk paint. So make certain to sand it before applying your wax. Some want to do it in the wake of waxing however decision is yours.

6. Time to wax. The wax will bond with the paint to make a dependable strong wrap up. It will develop and improve the shade of your paint, however it won’t change the shading. Wax takes 21 days to completely cure, so utilize your furniture piece with mind until at that point.

Tips to get you started on Chalk painting:

1. You needn’t bother with any groundwork to begin painting. So simply, begin doing it. It will spare you a great deal of time.

2. You don’t should be impeccable with each stroke, it should be a befuddle painting process.

3. Make beyond any doubt to purchase enough sum in spite of the fact that chalk paint is extremely costly yet you have to keep them put away generally in the event that you are out of it, it will be hard to coordinate the shading.

4. The most troublesome bit of this methodology is, by a wide edge, waxing. There is no “basic” way to deal with do it and it is a phase you would not have any desire to skip.

5. Keep assortment of brushes. Since, it is a water-based-medium. So utilizing the brushes fit for this sort of medium is required.


Glass handles, bore machine, screwdriver, stray pieces.

On the off chance that you simply take after these means, you will finish this task inside a couple of hours! Trust me!

Stage 1: Drill your present openings again for a smooth last change.

Stage 2: Before setting up the new glass handles, fill any holes left by with wood putty, and paint that locale.

Stage 3: Attach the new glass handles with screws and utilize a screw driver to do that.