Bathroom Vanities

Change the knobs of your old Bathroom Vanity

To make your home an adaptable place to be, your home furniture assumes a fundamental part into making this a reality. A furniture can be extremely adaptable, in the event that you need it to be. A solitary thing can have a colossal effect in the entire climate of a home.

Be it an utilized one or a vintage piece, a furniture for the most part has incredible potential simply holding up to be found. All it takes is another shading to paint on it or a few changes in the doorknobs.

A reimagined bathroom vanity can change everything about the room. Transform your bathroom vanity with paint, new knobs! That is it. You do not need to be a specialist in furniture change. All you require is some readiness to have a go at something new.

Why pick Do it yourself?

It can spare you a great deal of cash. Trust me when I say this, “The little employments are the costly ones”. You clearly can complete an adjustment in your furniture without taking outer help. With the correct sorts of gear, you will be ready.

Things you will need:

· Some screws

· Glass knobs

· Paint of your choice

Painting on a plane surface is quite easy. If you do not like the color of your kitchen cabinets, one coat of paint can make all the difference.

1. Before any painting job, you need to remove all the connectors of the cabinet and remove all the knobs.

2. The surface of the hardware needs to be clean. So, clean it thoroughly. It is easier to put primer on a wooden base, so, it should not be a problem for you.

3. Always remember to paint in the same direction, don’t start zigzag styles. Give the strokes from one direction only.

 After you are done with the painting, you need to dry them for a couple of hours and then it should be ready again!

There are a few steps to follow and you will give your kitchen drawers and cabinets a face lifting just by replacing the knobs.

Stage 1: Drill your current gaps again for a smooth last change.

Stage 2: Before setting up your new handles, fill any gaps left by old equipment with wood putty, and paint that territory.

Stage 3: Attach the new glass handles with screws.

Some last minute tips:

· Always purchase additional, be it knobs or screws. It will prove to be useful later on.

· Buy the glass handles which you feel will be agreeable to utilize.

· The estimate matters here, so you have to comprehend, in the event that you require greater or littler handles previously purchasing a pack of them.

· Make beyond any doubt to hold up after you give the first layer of paint. In the event that you might want your cupboards to fly up, a moment coat can carry out the activity.

Hope this article will be an inspiration for you to start working on your creativity and work on different DIY projects.