Antique Desk

Change your Old Desk knobs with Glass Knobs

To make your home a flexible place to be, your home furniture acknowledge an essential part into making this a reality. A furniture can be to an incredible degree adaptable, on the off chance that you expect it to be. A solitary thing can have a mammoth effect in the entire climate of a home.

Even if you have a ten-year-old furniture, remember that this old piece can look as new as you want by changing a few elements. All it takes is another shading to paint on it or a few changes in the doorknobs.

An antique desk can get modern look by upgrading some parts of it. It will give you a new look to your room. Change your work area simply updating a bit! That is it. You do not need to be an expert carpenter to do this project. All you require is some time, a couple of gear, and the readiness to have a go at something new.

 DIY- the best solution

If you are on a budget, or if you do not feel like spending more than a few buck, DIY is what you do. It will definitely be cheaper than a paid service. You unmistakably can finish a modification in your furniture without taking external help. With the right sorts of rigging, you will be prepared.


· Some screws and nuts

· Glass knobs (picture shown below)

There are a few steps to follow and you will give your kitchen drawers and cabinets a face lifting just by replacing the knobs.

 The desk we will be using for this article looks like (Picture Given)-

So, the steps that you need to follow are give below-

1. Drill your current holes to give it a smoother finish.

2. Before setting up your new knobs, fill any gaps left by old equipment with wood putty, and paint that territory.

3. Attach the new glass knobs with screws.

 This is what the complete work looks like-

Some things you can remember

 · Always buy extra knobs. It will turn out to be helpful later on.

 · Make without question to hold up after you give the principal layer of paint. If you may need your cabinets to fly up, a minute coat can complete the action.

 So, why wait! Get on it now and make your living room sparkly with these glass knobs!